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Monitor and Measure Airport Operations with

For Airports and FBOs

Live Map

Live Map

Real-time traffic in the air and on the ground, live CTAF/tower audio, scheduled arrivals and departures, and parked aircraft.


Live Statistics

Current and previous day operations, including landings, takeoffs, missed approaches, overflights operations and parked aircraft.



Automated notifications for daily and monthly operations summaries, inbound flights, and aviation safety events such as near mid-air collisions and in-flight emergencies.

Operational Statistics

Ops Analytics

Statistics on multiple subject areas, such as aircraft categories, top origin and destination airports, after hours operations, and FBO market share.

Noise Complaints

Noise Complaints

Research low-flying activity by street address on a given date, approximate time, search radius and maximum altitude.

Based aircraft

Based Aircraft

Automated discovery of based aircraft on the basis of overnight stays. Tracks last known location, days active, and tracking history.

For Flight Schools / Clubs

Unparalleled fleet monitoring for 1090ES and 978 UAT ADS-B equipped aircraft.

Live map

Operational Statistics

Hours logged, landings, takeoffs and go-arounds, correlation with weather conditions, or your own criteria.


Live Fleet Monitoring

Watch live or debrief every second of flight without the need of additional devices in the cockpit.

Operational Statistics

Aviation Safety

Receive notifications about in-flight emergencies, flight into restricted areas, near mid-airs and other safety-related events.

Noise complaints

Dispatch Operations

Live fleet map and status notifications about every phase of flight.

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We are a select team of experienced technologists, pilots and problem solvers committed to making the most out of your organization's operational data.

setup requirements

Setup Requirements

Installing a 30-inch outdoor antenna, basic Internet connectivity, indoor space for a small receiver device (included as part of the service).

Qualification criteria

Qualification Criteria

Airport, FBO or fleet operator of any size.